tvOS 15 playback overlay

I thought the overlay was going to change in 7.2 - it looks exactly the same to me.

Weren’t we supposed to get the same UI as the AppleTV+ app? (with info, chapter, subtitles, etc all at the bottom of the screen).


The playback UI for iOS was redesigned in 7.2, but there were no changes to tvOS.

Moving this to suggestions.

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But is this planned for tvOS, too? :wink:


Since it’s not listed in the upcoming features and James moved it to the suggestions forum I’d guess that it’s not currently on the short list and they are looking for interest from users by placing it in the suggestions forum.

It’s a great idea, I would like to have the thumbnails of the chapters

Hey @James, any comment on this please? :slightly_smiling_face:

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