TvOS 14 extreme contrast and saturation

Since my update to TVOS 14 all videos played with Infuse look completely oversaturated and with extreme contrast, no matter if Hd or 4k, hdr or sdr. Netflix and Amazon prime looks normal.
Anyone having the same experience? Any suggestions?


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Have you updated to the latest Infuse 6.5?

Hi NC_Bullseye,

Thanks for the quick reply.
Yes 6.5 from Sep 16th is installed.
It’s really hard to watch a movie. Dark colors are all black, bright colors are white and everything in between is extremely colorful.
I love Infuse, hopefully this can be fixed


At the risk of sounding like a broken record, have you tried doing a restart of the ATV from the Settings menu?

I didn’t try before, but now. Didn’t help. I have 2x Apple tv 4k and 2 similar tv‘s. Comparing that it‘s obvious that there’s something wrong with the one I updated.

Have you updated both to tvOS 14 and have you updated both to Infuse 6.5? Just curious if 6.5 on the 13.X tvOS works correctly.

Both ATVs run Infuse 6.5, but one runs tvos 13 the other 14. I have no comparison anymore, but I‘d say that saturation and contrast is also too much on tvos13, but it’s more with 14.

Do you by any chance have a Mac?

You mean a Mac computer? Yes.
I did some more tests. I watched the same movie via Netflix and Infuse. It seems that contrast and saturation with Infuse 6.5 is always much higher than watching Netflix. On tvos 14 it‘s slightly more, but the issue is also visible with tvos 13.

Could you do a couple of ATV screen caps using QuickTime player on the Mac of what you’re seeing?

Yes. I can do. You mean with a camera connected to the mac and then record with quicktime? I can do, but recording with the iPhone would be easier. Is this also ok?

No, as long as their on the same network you can launch QuickTime Player and go to file, select New Movie Recording, and then on the window where you see the red recording dot there is a down arrow next to it. Click on that and it should list the ATVs on your network.

Select it and you may have to enter a code the first time that will be presented on the TV screen. After that you can just control the atv until you get where you want and click record to do a short movie or you can pause Infuse and then on the Mac hit the command key plus the shift key plus the 4 key, that will give you a cross hair cursor. Hit the space bar and that cross hair will turn into a small camera icon. Any window you move it over will highlight so move it over the QuickTime window showing your Infuse picture and click the mouse. Presto!

Sounds complicated but once you get used to it you’ll find it gives the best screen shots for ATV and you don’t get the losses you get with iphone to mac to net.

To give you a different set of instructions that may be easier to understand.

Ah I see. Ok. I‘ll do later. Currently I’m not at home. S soon as I’m back, I’ll head the video.

Now I did it. It seems that HDR content looks quite different if I record. Obviously this doesn’t make sense, so I recoded SDR. The scene is too dark and too colorful. I would have also grabbed the same scene with Netflix or Amazon, but the Quicktime method seems not to work with streaming.
Oh I can’t upload it, size limit for uploads is 4MB??? That’s no video. How can I send it to you?

That’s why I was suggesting you just post screen shots from QuickTime player. That’s the part where you CMD+Shift+4 and then space bar.

Go ahead and post a couple of pics using your iphone, that may show the issue easier.

check your video settings and ensure they are set to properly match your TV. Also ensure that your TV settings have Low as the black setting. It almost sounds like when either a source or a TV is set to use the full RGB color range instead of the proper Limited one.

I now understand that you wanted screenshots of Quicktime, but I think this doesn’t show the topic. Now I made pictures with my camera of exactly the same scene. Once with the movie “Pacific Rim” played with Netflix and once with Infuse. Look at the guy in the background. Skin color is completely off.

The upper one is Infuse, the lower one netlix

I use Infuse since several years without any issue, I didn’t change TV or the TV settings and I use the same files as before.