tvOS 13 beta

Simple question: Is Infuse getting any major glitch/bug upgrading to tvOS 13 beta?

Working fine for me, except after watching a video I have the standby screen appears in Infuse.

This was listed in the release notes. Something about it going into sleep mode or showing a screen saver after a video is done playing. Off topic how does Netflix/Hulu/etc work in the beta?

Is it just me or is anyone else having trouble updating to 6.0.8 after updating to tvOS13 ? When I manually try to update from the appstore it just keeps spinning but doesn’t update the app!

what about a proper 24Hz support in the tvOS 13? Has Apple finally fixed it?

Would be interested how it works with multiple profiles? Can some check that please? Would be intersted if now any user can have their own library.
Thanks for anyone willing to test that.

Support for multiple profiles needs to be taken into consideration by the app developed I believe so it’s currently not supported by the app.

Any news about true HD sounds passthrough at TvOS 13 ?

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I am also very interested in learning if TVOS 13 will allow Infuse to deliver Atmos. I haven’t watched a movie in infuse for a while due to this. Thanks!

There are updates to video encoding in AVFoundation but nothing listed regarding audio so I’m going to say that truehd pass through is not supported.