tvOS 12 beta 2 and Infuse 5.7.4..No Dolby Atmos


This guy have Atmos working with Infuse:
I can’t get it to work.
I keep getting “An error occurred loading this content” when Atmos is enabled on the ATV.
Any suggestions?



Same error here. Let’s wait for the next Infuse release.

Nice to know I’m, not the only one.
I know it’s still beta, but have a tendency to get the hopes up too early :slight_smile:

Especially if other people can get it working

This story is already running here Help get (more) Dolby Atmos on Apple TV - #172 by claire78

If you read from there I think you’ll see where everything that glitters isn’t gold.

If you want to continue discussion on Atmos please keep it in the running thread. Help get (more) Dolby Atmos on Apple TV

(Hint, start at the last page and work your way back.)

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