TVOS 12.0.1 Broke playback?

I think this rush update for TVOS 12.0.1 only added the NASA screensavers. Anyways, latest Infuse PRO now fails to play files, no matter if they 720, 1080p, and 4K. Anyone else have this issue? I havent had issues with infuse since the 4K HDR playback started working correctly long ago. I dont want to update other Apple TV 4Ks in the house to try another setup.

Using plex media server setup. Yes, the PMS plays fine through web browser.

Absolutely no problems with infuse on 12.0.1

When I hit play, infuse appears to be trying to change dynamic range on my Samsung KS8000 (4K HDR) but its caught in a loop with a black screen. Hitting the MENU button takes me back fine to infuse menu. Disabling match dynamic range has no impact, still same issue. Its like a HDMI handshake loop. My 1080p TV has no issue with TVOS 12.0.1.

Have you tried restarting your ATV? If that doesn’t work I’d suggest sending a diagnostic report and then maybe reinstall of Infuse.

Rebooted many times. I will try to re-install tonight. Thanks.

For whatever reason all is fine now after a frustrating night. I did nothing but turn on the apple tv 4k tonight.

Sounds like a handshake issue with the TV. Any missing firmware updates for your TV?

Its a Samsung KS8000, all updated. It has zero problems. Something went wrong with TVOS, but not reproducible.

I had this same issue. An uninstall and reinstall sorted it for now.

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