Tvos 11.4 new update today

Infuse refuse to open after i updatet to 11.4 tvos
So cant send diagnostisk and so on

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Same problem for me: updated and infuse crash in start. No issue with the official Plex app

Sorry, it sounds like you may be affected by the iCloud issue from last week.

More info on what happened and how to get back on track can be found here.

I’ll try, but I don’t think this is the same issue. I’ve already had the “iCloud” issue and since then everything went back to normal. Only with 11.4 Infuse refuses to start.
And on iPhone/iPad with 11.4 Infuse works fine (even with iCloud sync on), so it’s a tvOS related issue.

From my iPhone I deleted the Infuse’s iCloud data (about 4,5kb), then I tried to open Infuse on ATV without uninstalling the app and it started.
I’ll keep testing.

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I’m only getting Dolby Digital with 11.4, no HD. No PCM SURROUND that is…

You may double-check to ensure Infuse is set to Auto, and the Apple TV is set to Best Quality Available.

Updated to 11.4, and Infuse opened ok…plays shows ok.

Oddly, the Movie genres, top rated and other assorted junk lists that appeared with the last Infuse update have spontaneously re-appeared - even though i have icloud sync turned off since re-connectng my synology shares etc after the library loss… and i had got rid off all those genres and so on… so how is this happening with icloud sync off? ( Not a huge deal, since i now know where that useless top rated movie list can be found and removed but just seems very, very odd that an apple update does this…).

Of course I check these settings before posting here :slight_smile:
It can be a handshake problem but didn’t manage to get it to work yesterday after rebooting ATV, restarting receiver etc. Strange. Maybe it will solv itself if you don’t have this problem since 11.4.

After 11.4, Infuse refuse to open.
I’ve already turn off icloud sync three days ago.

now it’s working (don’t know why) but the UI it’s very laggy…I’ll wait and see.

Update 2:
Reboot the ATV and it’s not working…again.

tvOS 11.4, no issues, iCloud off.

what the F is going on?

Now,all my shows in Infuse show two episodes of every episode… yet the shared folder on my NAS is as normal.

I will repeat, my icloud setting is OFF - and all that changed is an Apple TV update to 11.4, which didn’t as far as I can see did not change any settings in Infuse.


Just seen in settings, that Infuse/Apple decided to double up my saved shares - wtf?

Both were identical SMB shares to a Synology NAS drive.
Deleted one anyway… i’d already cleared all metadata, so that’s being rebuilt yet again…

I have never had Infuse on IOS, have icloud turned off now in Infuse since the snafu with lost shares/library - and icloud settings from my Macbook don’t show any dat used by Infuse either (or any mention of the Infuse app).

My problem was handshake so no issues!

I had the same problem. After the update to 11.4 on the AppleTV 4K Infuse wouldn’t start.

After that I also updated my iPhone to 11.4 and started Infuse. There it worked without any problem.
I switched back to the AppleTV and now Infuse also started there… :wink:

Not sure why but it seems that starting Infuse on the iPhone with the new OS helped.
By the way - I’m using the iCloud sync option.

Have you tried removing Infuse, clearing iCloud-Infuse data and then reinstalling Infuse?

It’s now been over 5 days since the original problem occurred and STILL no proper and formal response from Firecore - really guys this is abysmal :frowning:
There are some definite requirements needed by us.

  1. Tell us why it does take so long to repopulate and compile a new database from scratch - V5 was supposed to have speeded this up but it has not.
  2. The fact that Firecore are aware for a LONG time now that this is an issue leaves me wondering.
  3. The fact that there are at least FOUR reasons why a current database can be lost - deleting and re-installing, iCloud screw ups, Infuse updates and finally atv updates - so WHY haven’t Firecore integrated a sensible backup and restore facility. This could be done locally to the server (like Plex does), locally to your Mac or remotely to Dropbox (not ideal but better than nothing).
  4. A sensible realisation that such a facility would alleviate most of our problems making it easy for us and easy for them in the long run.
  5. A final realisation that the obvious silence from them leave us realising that they actually haven’t got a clue what’s going on at the moment - let alone how to fix it !

It’s a great shame because it really is a great product that is being let down badly by some fairly basic issues surrounding programming and customer service.

There are no tips from me now on how to remedy the current issues because it is obvious that it affecting everyone in both similar, the same and different ways - and “some” people not at all although I am somewhat dubious on some of these “ I’m ok jack” reports. The only thing that is clear is that the problem is entirely with Infuse - not ONE OTHER APP - using iCloud data has been affected recently nor are there any reports of other apps behaving badly with 11.4 !

Sorry for the trouble and confusion. I know this issue is frustrating, and a few quick answers to your questions are below.

  1. Infuse works to index content as fast as it can, but can be limited by network speed and rate-limit restrictions in place at TMDb/TheTVDb.
  2. This is the first time this issue has appeared in nearly 2 years of iCloud sync testing and public use. This of course came as a big surprise as historically iCloud has been rock solid.
  3. As mentioned in the post below, we are working on a 2 part plan which will provide more flexibility and resilience for your data stored in iCloud. This includes preventive measures, as well as options to push data on your device back to iCloud in cases where the iCloud data has been lost or corrupted. Some of these require deep changes and thorough testing, and more info will be available in the coming weeks.
  4. See #3 above
  5. The link below includes an in-depth explanation of what happened, and what we are doing to ensure it doesn't happen again.

An official post with more info can be found in the first post of this thread.
Lost all Favorites, Up-Next, etc

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

James - with the GREATEST RESPECT you are NOT a UK Politician (one that completely avoids the actual questions and instead just carries on telling us how good he is) … I assume that you run the Company because you are the ONLY person that seemingly ever replies to anything so PLEASE try and listen to your customers here.
With regard to your reply:

  1. Absolutely correct - except that most of us (unless we are in the 3rd world have fast connections now) so the problem is - and ALWAYS HAS BEEN the rate limits set by thetvdb and themoviedb - and I think that this is the first time you have actually admitted this downside :wink: _ I knew this all the time but was waiting for one of your experts or yourselves to finally admit that this is the real reason it takes so long and why we have to pull our hair out every time we lose our data :frowning:
  2. Again correct - yes it is the first time that iCloud has been blamed HOWEVER - we ALL now that this is NOT the first time that we have lost all of our Data for ANY of the FOUR separate reasons that I laid out to you previously.
  3. I have read your previous posting and already stated that this is NOT what we are needing from you as developers, whether you sign the app or not or whether you try and improve robustness or not WILL NOT HELP US in the future if we suffer a complete database loss.
  4. You refer to your answer 3 and IGNORE completely what we (I) are asking for …
  5. Well done - you have just circled your answer back to 1 !!!

Listen James - how difficult is it for you to understand that NONE of us would have cared less about re-installing the app and losing our data etc etc - IF WE COULD BACK IT UP !!! - is it just me not explaining myself properly or do you seriously NOT realise how important this is now ? ONLY a restorable database will help and your 2 part plan is almost a waste of time IMHO - your iCloud sync is NOT usefully backing any part of the database up - an issue that a lot of your customers seem to be be rightly confused about as you are misleading us into thinking that it IS backing the ACTUAL database up)- so your 2 part plan only really needs to be a 1 part plan (give us a backable database) … and apart from all of us elevating your product right back up to the top of the tree and thanking you - I think that thetvdb and themoviedb will thank you as well for not have hundreds of overloads because all of your users are CONTINUALLY having to re-do the damn database over a continual connection for 2 days !!!

Now - can we PLEASE have a sensible and honest answer to whether or not you are going to give us an accessible database that can be restored. I would also like you to confirm that you do actually understand what I am asking for here as well because I am becoming very confused as to why you either avoid it, steer round it or just dont understand ???

What are the reasons for updating a tvos 11.2.1 or 11.3 to 11.4? (Passthrougt works very well with 11.2.1)

For the Apple TV 4 you would gain frame rate switching, for some that will trump passthrough.

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