tvOS 11.4.1: An error occurred loading this content

Dear Support

When i try to play any movie or tv show in my google cloud, a message shows in the screen “ an error ocurred loading this content” tired about this message i erase my appletv 4 and reinstall tvos 11.4.1, i installed infuse again but the same problem until this morning when say “ you are not allowed to your google drive cloud, i have a iphone and i dont have all this problems.

Could you please tell me what to do? Thanks and sorry for my english.

Welcome to the forum, and sorry for the trouble.

Would you be able to submit a report from your Apple TV and open a support ticket so we could look further into this?

More info on doing this can be found here.

Dear Support

I found the problem, I reset again the TVOS, install again infuse, and check every audio and video parameter until found the problem, the problem is with the audio output, normally when you install infuse, audio output is in auto mode, and show “an error occurred loading this content” when you switch from auto to the other option, in Spanish “Retransmision” I couldn’t change the language… you can watch the movie or tvshow but with noise sound, if you change again to auto mode, works! nothing about quota in google drive o that kind of things.

Thanks for your software! I was thinking to back to plex and I was scared about it.

I got this error too since i transfered all data to a new drive account, then index all content again. But after 36 hours from last finishing update, it still got content error. I’m considering switching to plex.