TvOS 11.3 Final ycbcr still broken

Made measurements on my ATV 4K with final release 11.3 and to me it seems that ycbcr is broken, grayscale is all wrong. I get correct readings only with RGB High.
Ted patterns with internal player and Amazon Firestick + Mobile forge are working great.

Equipment: LG B7V, i1Display, Calman Enthusiast.

edit read your post incorrectly.

Does this mean that in RGB high mode, Masciola’s HDR test patterns will now show the correct brightness levels as well? No longer crushed blacks?

Infuse still crush blacks and it performs very bad on any measurement on rgb high or ycbcr.

After years using infuse I’m really taking in consideration to stop my subscription. Even because I don’t get any support from the team on this topic. They just blame apple for changing things without telling us much about this quality issues. I just wonder how they take measurements. Rgb high? Ycbcr? Did they notice anything wrong?

I hear you. I’m also not very impressed. At the moment the ATV is my only HDR capable device, so i’ll keep using it until there is an alternative, i’m hoping the new Dune 4K Pro does what it promises. If so, this Apple TV will be demoted to a Netflix/youtube player. Infuse has a lot of potential, it could make the ATV into a very good pro 4K HDR player, but… they have to deliver.

Last night i did set up a plex server on my raspberry pi and installed the client on ATV. Content looks much better, colors are richer and upscale is better and no crushed blacks. Plex client uses the Apple Native Player. Gonna switch to plex for my SDR content.

Can you provide a bit more info about what you are seeing here?

Apple broke HDR > SDR conversion in 11.3, which we are working to fix - but we’re not aware of any changes with regard to HDR output.

I’m talking about YCbCr which is not working in ATV since 11.3

Check the screenshots.

1 - Ted Calibration Disk and also Amazon Firestick same readings.
2 - ATV + Mobile Forge - RGB HIGH
3 - ATV + Mobile Forge - YCBCR

Also CMS is 4 dE off. My B7 has 1.3 dE by deafult in CMS.

Did a ATV factory reset and changed HDMI input with no differences.