tvOS 11.3 Beta 1 Release Notes?

Hey ?

Are here any registered Developers?
And could someone please post a Screenshot from Release Notes of tvOS 11.3 Beta 1? ??

Based on a screenshot posted on the AVS forums, it looks like they implemented Dolby’s Low Latency DV profile, which is good news for 2017 SONY TV owners.

Rest of the notes are here: Apple Seeds First Beta of tvOS 11.3 to Developers - MacRumors

Is in tvOS 11.3 Beta 1 finally an Option to activate „Match Content“ to some single Apps only (instead of globally)? ?


Infuse now shows a nice, translucent black rectangle on videos when HDR is enabled for me on this beta :smiley:

When I swipe down to show info it makes the lower half of the screen darker as well. I’m sure Firecore will get this fixed in the latest beta shortly.

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+1 here … damn :slight_smile:

Just curious, is this on a Sony TV with Dolby vision?

No, this is on an Acer 4K projector with HDR. It looks like this might affect all displays when HDR is enabled on Infuse.

On LG OLED 65B7.

Would you share a ss from that hdr rectangle?

Any news about ATMOS?

Hmmm… ?

Is this happening with all HDR videos?

FWIW, we’re revamping few HDR related things for 5.6.8, so there’s a good chance these changes will resolve this issue as well.

Yes all HDR … and only in Infuse … Netflix, Apple Movies etc. works fine.

Got it.

We’ll be sure to take a look once we wrap up the remaining changes for HDR.

I have this rectangle bar issue too. Seems to be an issue with the 11.3 tvOS beta and Infuse.

Only in HDR content.

i have the same issue

same HDR Problem, Sony 940E

Same issue.
I hope next infuse version will be available soon, because I can’t use infuse now, only MrMc is working perfect with HDR content.

I hope very soon!