TvOS 11.2 beta and automatic match content

Hi, I’m trying this new function in TVos 11.2 but the apple tv does not change automatically the framerate when I play a 4k video with infuse. Did you try???

The current release of Infuse 5.6.1 doesn’t support automatic frame rate and dynamic range switching. It’ll be part of the next release, 5.6.2.

I thought it depended on the system and not from the app. Thx!

It’s both, since things like Netflix and Hulu use Apple’s default video player they get support without having to do anything. For Infuse, they needed to build support into the app. It should be out by the time 11.2 is out of beta, though, so it’ll be soon.

Unfortunately, even though I’ve updated to 5.6.2 the problem continually. Infuse does not automatically change the frame rate. Try it with a 60fps (Billy Lynn) movie but the video is not fluid. To see it fluid I have to manually set the framerate to 60Hz. Ok for the hdr switch.

Would you be able to send in a sample video you are having trouble with?

Also, just to confirm, this feature is only available in tvOS 11.2 on the ATV4K. Is this the Apple TV model you are using?

Yes, as I wrote in the title, 11.2 beta. I sent a minute of the video.
There is a way to see how many frames reads Infuse in realtime?

Dont work for me

Hi, no news?

Just to be sure, this is only available for tvOS beta testers by now, right?

Yes. Anyone can get beta - Apple Developer Program - Apple Developer
Keep in mind that you can’t easily roll-back if you don’t like it. It has been pretty stable for me so far.

I tried your sample here, and with the Apple TV set to 50Hz, Infuse correctly switched to 60Hz HDR when playing.

Can you confirm you have the setting enabled in Settings > Video and Audio > Content Match?

You might want to scroll to the bottom of Infuse > Settings to confirm you are running Infuse 5.6.2 as well.

Yes, I confirm 5.6.2 and content match (yes for hdr and yes for framerate). Hdr switch works fine but not the framerate. How can I see wich framerate is used by Infuse at realtime??

Your TV may have an info overlay option that would display this, but if you see a black screen for a moment before the video starts it’s likely your Apple TV has switched correctly.

Infuse doesn’t actually have direct control to the video output. It can request a switch, but tvOS is the one that actually handles the change.

Unfortunately, my TV just tells me the resolution, not the frame rate. Anyway I see the black screen for a moment but the video stutter. If I manually set 60hz it is fluid. This means it does not switch to 60hz automatically.

Would you mind replicating this issue, and then sending in a report from your device so we can look into what’s going on here?

Report submitted, thanks.


Thanks. This actually appears to be a performance issue similar to this.

We’re looking into this further.