TVOS 11.2 beta 4 Hissing sound on Dolby Digital using passthrough


I have been having this problem using every beta of tvOS. When Infuse audio settings are set to passthrough, the audio, when playing anything with Dolby Digital, is replaced by static/hissing after 30-60 seconds of playing the video.

I have several movies with separate True HD and regular Dolby Digital audio tracks, and it only happens when I select the regular Dolby track. The problem is solved when I set Infuse audio settings to auto. This, however, introduces lip sync issues using any form og Dolby audio. DTS sound is unaffected, but doesn’t pass through in auto mode. My receiver only receives Dolby Digital, No matter the original source.

Hope it makes sense :slight_smile: I really love your app, but thes issues are very annoying. Is it just beta related or something else?

If it helps the Apple TV 4K is directly connected to my LG B7 and I use a Denon X1000 for audio over ARC.

Sorry off topic, but saw you had the LG B7. Is the B7 working great with Apple 4k? I’ve got an ipad pro 10.5 humming along and Apple 4k shipping to me. Thinking really hard about trying to snag a deal on an 2017 LG E7 or G7 tomorrow. Saw some griping on AVSforum about UHD and nits black level that has me questioning this seemingly awesome combination.

I’d recommend checking the ‘Surround Sound’ option found in Apple TV > Settings > Video and Audio and ensure it’s set to ‘Best Quality Available’.

Already did. Any other ideas?

It is an awesome tv, and the ATV 4K works wonderfully with it. I use it with infuse, 4k HDR and HD, and iTunes dolby vision content. The picture quality is superb :slight_smile:

Infuse set to Auto, and Apple TV set to Best Quality are the recommended settings.

With the Apple TV set to Dolby Digital, all audio from the Apple TV is converted to Dolby which could be why your DTS files were appearing as Dolby.

If you’re using passthrough, another thing to check is that the ‘Reduce Loud Sounds’ option is disabled.

The thing is, even if I set the ATV to best quality sound and the reduce loud sounds is off, it still sends dolby digital to my receiver, when Infuse is set to auto. This shouldn’t happen rigt?

So, 11.2 is out and passthrough still does not work. As I mentioned hissing is heard after a period of playback of DD. Any help would be much appreciated?

Ended up with B7.? Have you updated firmware on tv and tried its pass Through? HDMI arc shouldn’t just be encasing in dolly digital plus any more.

Congrats on the tv :slight_smile: I have updated everything and the tv is in pass through. It works fine playing DD from iTunes, so I’m positive it is Infuse related.

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This is a disease lol. We may be in the same club shortly as I just snagged a deal on one of these:

Pester me in about a week and maybe I can reproduce the issue with my soundbar.

Big, big question. Does your system display that the LG with or without Infuse is passing 24 bit sound over passthrough(/hdmi arc?) Had a friend bring over Cambridge Audio upconverting player which only showed 16 bit from LG optical though I must say most everything played from Infuse sounded quite 24 bit. I’m just tickled pink with the Apple TV 4K. Hope they do Atmos soon.

Can you try connecting the Apple TV directly to your receiver and see if that helps?

Chances are there is something on your TV that is changing Infuse’s audio. If you’re using optical from your TV to receiver, then you will be limited to 16-bit compressed formats, so enabling Infuse’s Passthrough option could help.