This is only a very shortlist which I was able to identify by NOT looking very hard- there are in many many more - probably in the 100’s - Please feel free to add to this list …

dishing with julia child
looney tunes
edwardian britain in colour
forky asks a question (ridiculous entry)
humongous moves
it was alright in the 70’s
james martins french adventure
james martin home comforts
panda adventure with nigel marven
secrets of the magna carta
the suspcions of mr whicher (ridiculous entry)
super cute animals
super tiny animals
teach my pet to do that
the royals and the nazis
the story of egypt
we are british jews
the gigglebellies monster truck learnin
miss marple (1984) (even more ridiculous entries)
murder she wrote - all specials are classed wrongly as movies
bilko (the phil silvers show) - none of the 8 specials listed at all

Specials entries are all but impossible to either find - or don’t exist
and if they do exist you need to be inside the mind of the idiot that
uploaded it in order to understand how to make your entry. A TV Movie is NOT a Movie It’s a TV Special !

TV Entries are not identified by series/episode numbering so its impossible or just guesswork to figure out how to number stuff correctly. Looking up the correct numbering on TVDB is EASY - doing the same on TMDB is IMPOSSIBLE.

Numerous TV Series are listed as Movies when they are clearly by any idiots stretch of the imagination NOT MOVIES - Take Forky Asks a Question which Disney class as a TV Series, IMDB class as a TV Series (as do TVDB) but no …… TMDB classes it as separate movies ! It defies all logic.

Season folders continually come up with foreign poster covers in Russian or French EVENTHOUGH there is an ENGLISH one in the options.

Analysis - TV entries on the Movie Database are very much still in their infancy they are NOT updated with either the frequency or more importantly the accuracy of the TVDB …… EG: a new program “Rediscovering T-Rex” came out a few days ago - It was already entered into the TVDB but it still is nowhere to be see in the TMDB - but worse still probably never will be - unless I enter it …… and this is NOT the kind of reliability that users of Infuse are used to or need ! The move to TMDB is simply premature where TV episodes are concerned - they have a very long way to go to match the completeness of TVDB - BAD BACKWARD MOVE INFUSE ! Im sure it will be OK one day … but its a REALLY LONG way off base at present.

These have been migrated, and are now present on TMDb. They will be available in Infuse in about a day.

These are classified as individual movies on TMDb.

TheTVDB has dual entries (movie and TV show) for the Forky titles. :man_shrugging:

It looks like these are listed as TV movies. TMDb has them both grouped together in a collection. IMDb also has the MSW movies separate from the TV series.

Each part is set up as a separate mini series on TMDb, which is also how IMDb has it.

Lol - thanks for the info … when do you want the complete list - loool
Ok — MORE important honestly is the dB size issue …. Where are you on this because I would dearly like to put back my 15,000 TV episodes ???