TVDB metadata - episode order (air date vs DVD ordering)


I’ve been pulling my Seinfeld DVDs onto my NAS and I’ve noticed that the metadata pulled through into Infuse is in the order of the episode airing rather than the order of the DVD.

This seems to be due to the listing order on thetvdb but it’s frustrating as the DVD order differs from airing order.

Is there an option in infuse somehow to check metadata differently?

Thanks for any ideas


Hi, unfortunately we’re limited to the info TheTVDB provides. Sorry.

Thanks James

Looking at the API information page for TheTVDB it does look like the offer both options in the API, i.e. DVD order or series air order.


Would you be able to consider an enhancement option to the way infuse on ATV pull back the metadata for TV, perhaps giving users an option to pick between one of the other?

Interesting. We’ll take a look.

Excellent thanks James

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