Hi, Im new with firecore. Actually I was using it at the time of apple tv 2 :slight_smile:

I started again a few days ago and I was very happy to use it.

But recently…

I have been having since yesterday issues with tv shows metadata not recognized. Same shows were fine till the day before.
I m reading from their social media and forum that their api has been down.

Pls any comment from Infuse team? Any fix for this?


Welcome to the forum!

Thanks for the additional links! :slight_smile: The API isn’t really down, but there is some strangeness going on. The post you link to at thetvdb forum says they “will” be changing things, not that they already have. Last last night things were working again for a bit so they much be doing live changes to their service.

There’s a thread in the ios sub that has several users already posting here TV Metadata issue Blue Bloods so if we could maybe use that thread to consolidate this we won’t have multiple thread covering the same issue.