TV4K not updating

I have a lifetime pro subscription and first noticed the version6 upgrade on my phone, but for some reason my appletv version is not updating. My current version is still 5.9.X and when I look for it on the app store, it shows that 6 is installed. Already restarted my appletv. What gives??

Sorry for the trouble.

Sometimes there can be a delay when new apps or updates roll out on the App Store.

See if it pops up today (another restart wouldn’t hurt). Worst case you can try removing your current app and redownloading.

I went ahead and deleted 5 and installed 6…had to add my libraries and all that again, but the metadata fetching was way faster and seems to be working just fine.

I also have a lifetime Pro 5 subscription, and I had to pay $25 for the Pro 6 upgrade?!

If you have a lifetime license, you can simply install the Infuse 6 update on top of your current app. There is no need to install the separate Infuse Pro 6 app.

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