TV specials or movies

The tv series Murder She Wrote has a 4 movie dvd of specials 2,3,4,5. When added as a special as shown in tvdb, the metadata doesn’t show. If I add them as movies, the metadata does show.
The confusion comes when tvdb shows them as specials but infuse doesn’t. The s0e2, s0e3, s0e4, s0e5 doesn’t work even though tvdb shows it.

On TMDB they are classified as individual movies so you’ll need to name the files for example,

Murder She Wrote South by Southwest 1997.mkv
Murder She Wrote A Story to Die For 2000.mkv
Murder She Wrote The Last Free Man 2001.mkv
Murder She Wrote The Celtic Riddle 2003.mkv

Yes, I tried that. But if you go to the seasons and check out season 0/specials, they are also listed there. I wanted them to appear as specials, which they are. If they are listed there, why don’t they appear there in infuse?

I don’t see a “Season 0” on TMDB for Murder She Wrote. Do you have a link?

Don’t forget, Infuse only uses TMDB for metadata.

Sorry, you’re correct, I went to the old web site.
Just another drawback about infuse. Can’t wait for infuse to have good metadata support.
Some of us are slow learners.

You got me curious so I checked the IMDB site and they have these 4 listed as TV Movies also and it seems that IMDB is usually considered as the tie breaker for correct metadata. I know that doesn’t help you for this but at least it’s a sign of heading for a single standard. :wink:

Maybe when we can do xml files for TV series we’ll be able to create “Specials” like we want.

Infuse hasn’t supported TVDB for a long time.
Infuse uses TMDB (for both movies and TV).

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