TV Sorting

With recent update there’s a problem with TV series. At the bottom part before update episodes were shown 1, 2, 3 etc, but now they are showing chaotically. Like 4,1,5,6. All files named S01E01, E02 etc.

Simple things like sorting do not work correct.
The app is unfit at the time.
It’s a shame.

Which ‘Sort By’ option is set in the Infuse Settings menu (Title, Date, or Filename)?

Yes. I know. And yet it is a mess. Once folders are displayed. Another time, again not. only the files not folders are then listed.

Here is an example of many:
The series “the Good Woman” currently consists of 4 seasons. In each folder are 22-24 episodes. And in this way lists Infuse:
It starts with Season 2, Episode 1. No folder. The default is “lists by file name”. And this is what I call useless.


I think the problem is that your series/episodes names do not conform to the form detailed in Metatdata-101. So using an example from the listing you supplied it should be like …

The Good Wife/Season 01/The Good Wife S01E01.gtvg.xvid.avi

Now I don’t know if for non-English naming like yours whether Infuse recognises “Staffel” instead of “Season”. But the important thing is that the episode filename must include both the series name and the season/episode number,

That’s funny. WD TV Live lists all folders, subfolders and Filnenamen properly. No matter how they are titled.

If you prefer a more pure filename view you can try enabling ‘Show Filenames’ and changing ‘Sort Order’ to ‘Filename’ instead of ‘Title’.

Both of these options can be found in Infuse’s Settings menu.

What do you think, what I do? I have done exactly that, what you have written. Without success. File names are messed listed. Subfolders are displayed once, then not again.

Both of these options can be found in Infuse’s Settings menu.

I do not need guidance from Infuse. The few features are detected quickly.