TV Shows

I searched the forums about the TV Shows not being shown and all i could found was old stuff.

I renamed my files in all the possible ways, scanned and re-scanned and still havent got around getting my tv shows on the right place.

I can see it’s being added to the movies.


Than one of the posts talked about setting the content.

I found this article on the Knowledge base saying to do the following:


Setting Content Types

By default, Infuse will attempt to download movie info and cover art. In order to download info and cover art for TV Shows the folder(s) containing TV Shows will need to be marked as such.

Step 1: Navigate to the Infuse --> My Files menu and locate the folder that contains your TV Shows.

Step 3: Highlight the folder and hold the center (select) button to open the popup menu.

Step 3: Select the appropriate option from 'Content Type' section. (Note: A folder's tag will also apply to all sub-folders contained inside, unless these the sub-folders are explicitly tagged differently)


But when I press select on my tv shows i hear a bip but no menu comes up on screen. I mean, it just doesnt work, there is no way for me to setup that folder as a TV Show.



Have you tried holding Select not just pressing it?

Hi dempsey,


As described on my post, yes i have. I have tried everything. Just doesn’t work.


I have named everything as suggested:
Tv swhows/Doc Martin/ Doc Martin S06/Doc.Martin.S06E08.Departure.mkv

It is recognised as a tv show, but it appears as S.0/Ep.6

What did I do wrong?