Tv Shows with no Covers and Seasons


I’m new to Infuse. I’m using 2 NAS (QNAP and DD-WRT both via SMB).

On the QNAP Nas I have the folder Film/MovieName/Movie.mkv and for TV Shows the folder Serien/SerieName/Staffel 1/SerieName s01e0x.mkv
The same on the DD-WRT NAS.

The Folders sharing on my QNAP works well with infuse. The Problem is the “NAS” using with my DD-WRT Device. Movies are shown correctly but the series have no Covers and Seasons. Everything is in the favorite “others”

Any idea what’s the problem is? Every movie and tvshow is scrapped with MediaElch (using Kodi for years…). In the settings embedded Meta is activated.

Is your scrapped metadata embedded within the video files themselves? If not turn the embedded metadata option off.

I don’t think so. I scrapp every information with MediaElch for my videos and series.

For TVShows it looks like in the attachment


Ok, changed the setting and now it’s working. Thanks!

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