TV shows with embedded metadata appearing in Other

I’m having the same problem. Embedded metadata is fine, flags shows properly. But Infuse dumps most TV shows into “Other” and rest into Movies with incomplete or replaced metadata, even though I’ve turned off metadata fetching in Settings and on each folder. It seems as though Infuse is not respecting the setting to use embedded metadata only, nor is it properly parsing the embedded metadata when it does.

(EDITED for clarity)

Did you also turn off Embedded Metadata in settings?

No. Why would I turn Embedded Metadata off when that’s what I want Infuse to use?

Just wanted to make sure since you had stated that

Just double checking, folks have done stranger things. :wink:

LOL! Fair enough!

I do have to ask also, you said

Do you mean you set each folder to “Local”?

I have to laugh a bit too, I thought this sounded familiar, brain is running on 1/4 speed right now. If you’re talking about TV shows not showing embedded this post may shed some light on why you’re seeing what you are with everything in “Other”

Yep. And that helped a little, but not entirely.

Thanks for this. It looks like Infuse isn’t for me, then. At least, not yet. I really don’t want to re-do all of the metadata and file-naming I did years ago.

I can appreciate that. Did you by any chance try letting Infuse handle the whole library? You may not have a lot of work to do when it’s done. It’s been pretty solid with metadata and when fixes are needed their usually pretty easy.

If you’re up to it, I’d at least clear the current metadata and then turn off embedded and local then turn on fetching from TMDB and let Infuse fetch everything and get it sorted. You might be pleasantly surprised. :wink:

Having Infuse categorize items in the Library requires keeping the Metadata Fetching option enabled.

You can have both Metadata Fetching and Embedded Metadata enabled, and Infuse will use whatever metadata it can find inside your files and only using info from TMDB to fill in the missing gaps.

The one exception to this would be when XML/NFO files are used for movies, and we’re planning to extend this to TV shows in a future update. You can follow these threads for updates.

Yeah, I actually tried that the first time and it was pretty ugly. My fault, really, because the filenames are not Infuse-friendly. And having done all of the embedded metadata already, I just don’t feel like renaming hundreds of files in order to have Infuse fetch the proper metadata. Maybe if I have some free time at some point, I’ll do it because I’m sure the fetching is marvelous under those circumstances!

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Hmm. At some point, I did try having both Embedded Metadata and Metadata Fetching turned on, but it was a big mess. Maybe I’ll try again though, with a fresh install.

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