TV Shows with a Colon in the Title

Infuse on the Apple TV does not seem to be finding the metadata correctly for the show “X-Men: The Animated Series”. In my file system, I have the series named as “X-Men The Animated Series” because colons (":") are not allowed in folder/file names.

If would be nice if I could edit the metadata for the root show folder in infuse that would then update the metadata for the underlying episodes.

Actually you can edit the meta data. Click on any episode, go to the right once to edit, type in the name of the show, it should show up in the results field. Once you select it, it will do it for all of them. I had to do this for my he-man and she-ra collection.

I am currently in the process of placing " | " in place of every " : "

So your shows would TV series would be: ‘X-Men | The Animated Series’ for the main folder, and you could even do the following for each season: ‘X-Men | The Animated Series - Season xx’

Are you doing this for your own convenience or because there’s a reason to suspect it works?
I’ve got a folder called “Star Trek The Next Generation” which should be called “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. The contents of the folder (“S01[episodes]”) show up with their correct metadata but no artwork is pulled for the parent. If I add a | will it work?

Update: “|” will not work, you will get error as well. I just use a “-” in place of every “:”
You can also use a “,” in place or any “;”