TV SHOWS stuttering and freezing

All of the sudden yesterday, all of my TV shows are stuttering and/or freezing.

It doesn’t happen to any of my movies. I have two folders from my NAS share: TV SHOWS, MOVIES

My Apple TV is hardwired, as is my QNAP NAS.

I cant think of what could be causing the issue. Any thoughts?

Hi, check this thread: Playback Stuttering... :-(

I think I’ve read every post in that thread and I don’t recall an instance where the files were functioning fine one day and then the next only the TV shows and not any movies started stuttering and freezing.

If you recall an instance of that being addressed in that monster thread maybe you could point them to to right post number to help narrow it down.

Still not resolved. Admins any help here? Very very frustrating

No updates has been made to infuse recently so my guess is that iOS 10 or the tv if it has software updates might be the issue here. Try rebooting the Apple TV and or close down all open apps or go through the TV settings. We know that infuse has stutter/judder issue with some video codecs, but those issues have been there long. It could also be the infamous pull down issue many are experiencing with certain video files, and the TV is either handeling the signal good or bad, depending on the support. 120hz tv seems to solve it best for 60hz Apple TV signal.

To me is sounds more like a network/NAS issue.

Just to try a trouble shooting experiment. Try moving a single movie that is currently playing without issues to the TV folder and a single TV show to the movie folder then see how those two individual files play.

Thanks for the suggestion it sounded great so I tried it right away. Unfortunately same result.

Movies are A-OK! TV Shows are glitchy and keep freezing. I even tried removing the share and adding it back. No difference.

So another wrinkle - my second Apple TV plays the TV shows perfectly.

Could it be a matter of needing to delete the non-function app and reinstall/add the share?