TV shows season order

Hi everybody

Maybe I missed a setting somewhere but I’m really frustrated that shows with multiple seasons show the seasons backwards 9, 8, 7… etc.

Can I somehow alter that so that the seasons show up like 1, 2, 3… etc.?


Where are you seeing the seasons listed backward? In the library, in your shares, poster or list view?

Edit to add: Do you by chance have “Sort Order” in Settings set for “Release Date” instead if “Title”?

Ah it was the sort order.

Darn it, it would be great if you could have one sort order in movies and another in tv shows.

Would you want all of your movies ordered by release date or just collections?

All my movies. But so that it’s changeable too. In case I need to find a certain title by name.

You can get that in the library, there’s a sort for release date and you can make that a favorite or list on the home screen if you like. You can then browse by date and if you want alpha then you can look at “All Movies” in the library and that will be sorted by title. You can also make that a favorite or list on the home screen.