TV Shows recognition failed in many cases, even with .NFO pointing to TVDB


I have more than 200 Animated TV shows, and as a spanish speaker, I have realized that Infuse doesn’t work the way it is supposed to work for TV shows

  1. Look for a local .nfo to do a correct match of a TV Show
  2. Go to TVDB to look for missing information

My problem is that even though I have a .nfo file generated with TinyMediaManager, Infuse does another matching which is incorrect.

I don’t know If this might have with non english titles, but let me show you an example.

I have setup a specific folder to do some test with Captain Tsubasa TV Show (キャプテン翼 -

No matter what I do, it recognizes all episodes as “Captain Marvel” movie.

I am wondering if .NFO has an incorrect format (I have attached it).

This are the files I have attaced:
01 & 02.png → Folder structure in google drive
03.png → library setup, where you can see I have only that directory to scan, and that those 6 files are recognized as movies
04.jpg → My movies from Library
05.jpg → A detail content in library when entering in 04
06.jpg → Navigating thourgh folder (not library) to that content. In this case, it shows the correct poster since there is a folder.jpg file into the folder with the correct poster
07.jpg → What I see when entering into 06.jpg folder
08.jpg → A detail of one episode, where you can see it is perfectly named bellow the picture: Captain Tsubasa - S01E06 - Defendiendo la porteria.avi

Now… I have realized several test, changing names from spanish to english and so on: “Capitán Tsubasa → Captain Tsubasa”.

When using “Capitán Tsubasa” (the spanish name that comes in TVDB), it didn’t match with Capitana Marvel but with other movie (I can’t remember its name right now), but still, it was a movie with the same problem

I would like to know if there is a specific .NFO format I should use to point to the correct TVDB reference. As you will se into my .nfo file, I have perfectly matched the TVDB ID, but still, Infuse seems to ignore it.


tvshow.nfo_.txt (3.62 KB)

This may help Unable to find metadata for Captain Tsubasa (2018)

Thanks. I will give it a try.

However, my point (signalled into another post) is that if Infuse could read information from .nfo pointing to a specific TVDB show with his ID Number, then it could treat every content of that folder following that match, and then we won’t have to do “tricky” things in order to work.

Anyway, I appreciate the help.

Let’s hope infuse can someday work with local metadata to store that exact information into Infuse’s Database, instead of going online.

That way we can catalogue even personal videos as a serie, or documentaries that are not in TVDB, nor TMDB.


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In my opinion, if nfo file contains thetvdb id (84045 in this case) and additional info is needed to download, query to thetvdb should be by id 84045 not by name “Capitán Tsubasa”. Then I can use Emby to manage my metadata and is always in sync with Infuse.