TV Shows - Recently Added. Shows wrong/old info

I’ve got a list with my most recent added TV shows and it shows wrong info. It’s old, wrong and not updated. I’ve tried refreshing and deleted the list and adding it back again. Same result. Any idea how to fix that?

Are you saying that items in the list are not recently added or is Infuse showing the wrong text and graphics info? A bit more specifics with details would help.

Oh sorry. Infuse is not reflecting what’s in my Plex app. It seems to not be up to date because it’s not the most recent items. And I just realized that when showing all movies it’s not all my movies, there are a lot missing. But if i search for a missing movie I can see it and watch it too. The metadata is perfect.

Also playlist is not updated. I’ve added some movies in a playlist and it doesn’t show up in Infuse.

Edit: If I go via Library I have the version with missing items. But I managed to do some kind of workaround - If I add movies, playlist, recently added etc via Settings>Shares>My server>Then add to list/favorites from here I get the latest and correct version with all items.