"TV Shows - Recently" Added Problem

With the changes to the TV Shows - Recently Added list in 7.4.(1) how are you supposed to know which episodes you recently added? It now shows all episodes both watched and unwatched with no indication of which were recently added.

This makes it difficult to find episodes you have added that may not be the latest episode in the series but ones you may have been missing or replacing a problem file.

Shouldn’t “Recently Added” only be the episodes that you’ve recently added?

Recently Added TV Shows will list 30 series with the most recently added episodes.

More recent items will appear earlier in the list.

There is not a hard limit on what recently added is…so if you add 29 series today and #30 was added a year ago they would all appear in Recent.

How do you determine the episodes you most recently added?

Should be based on file dates.

Seeing 30 different Series with multiple seasons and multiple episodes per season makes it impossible to determine the most recently added episodes so I guess the recently added should be considered a list of the last 30 series that have had some changes to them and not the most recently added episodes.

Just ignore everything after the first five series, then? :upside_down_face:

I just turned off the Recently Added TV Shows

Problem solved. :upside_down_face:

Lol. :laughing:
I actually like the new way it works a lot. And I just changed the names of my share folders (since I’ve recently finished my long-running project to replace everything in my collection that wasn’t already x265 with that codec, and get everything that wasn’t yet at least 1080p upgraded to that quality at a decent bitrate (if not 4K for the stuff that would most benefit from the added detail, or the stuff I’m really fond of or most most likely to begin watching in the near future ) … so I’ve got a fully populated list of “Recently Added” TV series (and a companion one for movies).

I’m still finding that the shows whose most recent episodes are currently streaming (for which I add episodes as they are released), or new-to-me series I’ve just added to my collection, or established series for which I just added uploaded released seasons … all show up in the appropriate order.

I have occasionally replaced a single episode after discovering a bad rip; but more often I’ve been reading entire seasons or series in bulk (with all-over higher quality rips). These too move to the front; but that doesn’t bother me much, as to me, that would be the expected behavior.

I rarely ever watch more than one scripted show at a time, though (in spite of my habit of trying to keep my collection “current” by regularly grabbing new episodes of multiple concurrently streaming series as the become available). For me, the “Watching” tab on the Up Next bar is all I usually need to find my latest episodes. Mostly I only use the “Recently Added” rows simply to judge how efficiently Infuse is keeping up with my upgrading of files and my incessant folder juggling as my latest stuff processes in and the obsolete processes out — to which, I must admit, Infuse does astonishingly well.

When I finally finished my project and renamed the folders on my server for the final time … folders that now contain in excess of 3,300 movies and 11,000 episodes; I thought for sure the sensible thing to do would be delete my metadata cache and rebuild the libraries (on both my Apple TVs) next time I turned them on. But by the time I did that, they’d both already flushed everything tied to the old filenames and rebuilt the libraries with the new ones. The only casualties (as expected) were my playlists … since those are tied to filenames and not TMDB titles. Consider me impressed!

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