TV Shows Progress Bar missing

Even if it is enabled at the Infuse menu, the orange progress bar is missing since 7.3.5.

I think that as they now display the episode number / name it no longer shows the progress in the season. Instead if you have partially watched the current episode it shows the progress in the actual episode.

So I suspect this change is by design.

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Correct, as of 7.3.5 there is now no longer a season progress for up next besides the episode #. You have to go to the tv section of the library instead.

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If it is really intended, please give us back the orange progress bar for tv shows on up next home screen.

Otherwise you have absolutely no idea how many episodes are left. Even if you click on the TV show for starting playback you have to scroll to the right end to see how many episodes this season has.

Or give us a counter like Kodi has, for example 06/24 (this means episode 6 from 24 are already watched).