TV Shows // Override Folder Artwork // SMB

I’ve been searching, and testing, and playing around with this for long enough now that I’m going to lose my mind.

I have an ATV4. I use the latest Infuse. I use a Synology NAS. I connect to it using SMB.

The problem that I have is that for TV Shows I prefer the look of ‘other’ artwork than the ones that may be found on TheTVDB.

I am using the below method (with Lost as an example show).

Root >
TV Shows >
Lost >
Season 1 >

Season 2 >

I have located a folder art that I prefer for Lost. The artwork is named ‘folder.jpg’ for the show. I place this in the root of folder ‘Lost’.

I have also located folder art for the seasons that I prefer. The season artwork is named ‘folder.jpg’ and I place these in the root of each ‘Season’ folder.

I then delete all the metadata in Infuse to start again. I notice that upon the initial search my new artwork appears at both Show and Season level. However once the ‘scan’ is complete for this show Infuse overrides my artwork for the ones available on TheTVDB. Which for some shows is not consistent and not always great cover artwork.

This used to work 100% for sure on previous versions of Infuse but it no longer seems to and it’s driving me mad.

Has anybody had any success getting this to work???

And for the love of god JAMES please do not tell me to use ‘Library’ mode for TV Shows because I don’t want to due to it not putting shows in the correct places. I much prefer to utilize my own file structure.

Please can you look into this and submit a change if required or tell me how to make it use the folder artwork that I put there in the TV Shows, when using SMB and not Library mode. I’ll ask that you please do not point me to the ‘Metadata 101’ thread as I’ve literally tried everything in that thread.

Annoyingly it works fine for Movies - just not TV Shows.

Somebody PLEASE help me solve this.

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Overriding TV series, season, and episode artwork is done a bit differently than other videos, and full details on how this works can found in this guide.

Hi James,
I’ve tried everything in that thread. But for the sake of ELI5 please can you help. I know I’m not the only person asking this question and not getting a clear resolution.

To change a TV Show folder what filename should I use for ‘Lost’???

I’ve tried the below and it doesn’t work;


Also the seasons, I’ve tried the below and it doesn’t work;

season 1-poster.jpg

Please help as it’s not very clear.

I’m using Folder view NOT Library.

Unfortunately, overriding series/season artwork is not available while browsing via folders. It will be available when browsing your shows via the library.

Why have you chosen to remove this feature? - it used to work in older versions and worked fine.

Why can it not be added back in, surely it’s not that difficult and will please more people than you may appreciate.

It’s things like this and how it is being brushed under the carpet that will be losing new potential customers to the Plex app, and others.

Please advise.

Sorry for the confusion. AFAIK, this was never actually supported while browsing via folders, as we only semi-recently (v5.4.2) added the ability to override series/seasons posters and fanart for items displayed in the Library.

I will move this over to suggestions for now, and maybe it’s something we can look at for a future version. Thanks!

Thank you for acknowledging this.

How do I track this suggestion and what do we, the end users, need to do to push this through?

I’m confident that this sits quietly as a nagging issue for a large number of users. The TV Show posters on TheTVDB are not always great and very inconsistent for seasons which can make it look sloppy (which impacts the user experience of you paid app).

We need to have the ability to override folder artwork for TV Shows in folder browser mode.

Library is ‘ok’ but it’s not great for filtering out shows you may want to separate (like already viewed tv shows that you want to keep but not have in the root folder).

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