TV Shows not sorting by air date

Hi there,

Iam new, theres only one setting on infuse for sorting, I choose air date, for movies all seems ok.

But for series It does not work well, i don’t have my series sorted correctly by air date.

am i missing something?

Isn’t the season/episode in airdate order?

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If you select Sort By “Title” and you name your files as per the users guide you should see the TV shows listed in the aired date order.

Planet Earth File Name and layout

You can view movies by release date in the Library and you can select by decades. :wink:


thanks for the reply.

i only see a sorting option on infuse 7 on apple tv…

my movies are sorted 2021>2020>etc. they appear on descending order.

tv shows don’t appear sorted by air date on descending order, there’s actually no order.

for example 2017>2021>1987>2021>etc. (no airdate order)

my episodes appear on correct order because they are properly named and on right folders.

its the sorting of tvshows that appear in wrong way not the episodes or seasons inside the tvshows.

I use jellyfin, so episodes appear in the order i have previously setup on it.

My issue is different from the ones of the other topics.

I just want for my tvshows to show up like 2021>2020>2019>etc. not all mixed up as they show up, they show up unsorted.

and i don’t want to sort by title or some alphabetical order, i need chronological order.

Just trying to clarify a bit, so if you were able to go to the library and then TV shows and then you had an option like “By Premier Date” which would sort the TV shows into first, the decade that the show premiered, and then into chronological order of premier date for that decade this is what you want?

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not library only, but all folders.

infuse on tv os show me at first page three menus.

library, movies, series, and jellyfin.

when I press movies they are sorted correctly on descending order by air date (which i chose on settings).

it shows me first the 2021 movies then the 2020 and so on, until I scroll down I see the 1920 movies.

on series or in any series menu of jellyfin folder that doesn’t happen they show up unsorted.

it has nothing to do with the playlist of decades option on library menu/folder, its just the sorting and the chronological order files are presented on any folder (which i selected by airdate on settings, I don’t add options).

did I explain myself right?

I believe so. Thanks for bearing with me. :smiley:

You want Infuse to display TV series the same as movies based on your selection in the “Sort Order” option using the “series premier date” vs the “release date” that movies use.

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Exactly, i want them to appear in air date chronological order.