TV Shows not showing #SOLVED#

Hi all.


I have recently installed the ATV and started using the medie player, witch works fine for the movies i have.

The problem i have is that is dosen’t seem to be able to but the TV showes, under the TV Show category. Why?


My folder structure is : TV Shows -> Friends -> Season -> Friends.SE01.1A.ISO or IMG and so on… Under the overview where i can scan after new files added, i can see how many Movies, TV-Shows and Music i have, but going under the TV Shows, there is nothing…


Please some help :slight_smile:




I have added a picture of the overview screen i am talking about (All text is in Danish)


You need to check this post out for your answer:


I don’t see the answer to my question to the post you linked to  :[

Can you maybe be a little more specific as to where the answer to my problem is, in the post??

Apologies - and I cannot locate the original forum post I was referring to. Here is the link the forum post referred to:

You need to set the type of the directory which contains the TV files.



Ok i will try doing this later today and get back when i have tested this. 

I might have done this though, but i marked the library AFTER i had scanned the library. So maybe i need to marked the different folder as Movie,Tv Shows and so on BEFORE i scanned it… 


Will update this post later today :slight_smile:


Yes, you need to set the folder to its type before scanning.


Thanks for all your help… It now works :smiley: