TV Shows not grouped together

Hi, newbie here!

I have added TV shows which are set up as follows on Dropbox…

TV Shows/Show Name/Season 1/Show Name S01E01.m4v

If I ask Infuse to fetch the metadata, the files are grouped together correctly as one season as a TV Show. However, I don’t like the artwork TVDB provides so I prefer to get local metadata. I use Subtler for metadata but although Infuse Now shows the artwork I want, the files are now all shown separately and as ‘other’ in the library.

In Subtler, the files all have the type as TV show so I’m unsure as to why infuse is ignoring this. Any ideas on how to correct this? I believe I have followed the naming conventions for TV Shows. I will always want local metadata over TVDB as I have a lot of older TV shows and want the original art to show. Thank you

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You may want to read the users guide here

That has instructions on how to use local art for TV shows and seasons and episodes.

Hi NC_Bullseye but I have already read that before posting. So unless I’ve misunderstood any part of it, I believe everything is as it should be. So, I’m not sure why using local metadata splits the files up and puts them in ‘Other’.

How are you connected to the share? SMB, FTP, DLNA, etc?

Could you provide a screen cap of your file structure?

I’m connected via Dropbox using the iPhone app (but I watch on the Apple TV app). After selecting Dropbox I add the directories that I want… Movies, TV Shows.

Like I said, it works fine unless I deselect the option to fetch metadata and then they all get split up. I am currently using Infuse for DVD rips of vids that I can’t purchase anywhere So don’t judge :joy:


And in Infuse, this is now what I get…

Also note, the film Electric Dreams shows in ‘Other’ but I can’t see any reason why. I ripped a more recent movie… The Joker. That one sits in Movies (or Films) but not Electric Dreams yet comparing the two sets of metadata below, I can see no reason for this. I just want Infuse to identify the correct type by Media Kind and put them in the right library. As for the TV Shows, I need to group them somehow without fetching metadata which generally has poor artwork for older films.

First thing I notice is that you have the “season-all-poster.jpg” located inside the season one folder and I believe for the all seasons poster it should be up a level in the Return to Eden folder. I don’t know if that would cause problems but it’s worth a shot. The All Seasons posters go in the main TV series folder not the individual seasons folder if I’m reading the Metadata 101 guide right.

The next thing I noticed is that for Return to Eden there were only 3 episodes in Season 1 and 22 episodes in Season 2.

You have the year 1982 in the main Return To Eden folder name, you may want to try it with the folder named just “Return To Eden”. That has caused problems in the past with years listed in TV shows names unless it’s required by TVDB.

The poster name was me messing around. I tried all the variations and they didn’t seem to change anything at all. It would be relevant to this season only so I guess it would be season 1-poster.jog and should sit in the same folder right?

As for the number of episodes, you are right. When the series aired, it had 3x90 minute episodes but the DVD release has 6x45 minute episodes. This is the DVD release so I have no way of changing that unless I merged episodes together somehow. That’s why I need Infuse to use local metadata as TVDB is not going to tick all boxes and some of the artwork on TBDB is of poor quality. All of the episodes are labelled correctly as far as I can tell but Infuse doesn’t seem to recognise them as one series or that they are even a TV Show.

As for the movies, I had to go in to metadata anyway and still select the movie. Thankfully, it didn’t replace the artwork but it did make Infuse identify them as Movies/Films. It seems odd that if you say use local metadata that it doesn’t actually just do that. It seems to still need to find a match. Most annoying.

Did you delete the year from the folder name?

Infuse will first use local artwork if available and if there is no local it will fetch it from TMDB. Local takes priority.

Yeah, I deleted the year but it makes no difference

Did you do an “Edit Metadata” after you did that?
Infuse won’t change what’s cached unless you have it refresh.

Hmmmm… actually, I don’t think I did.

I’ve just refreshed and also gone on to each file to do an edit metadata. I’ve selected the TV series as shown but the result is still the same.

I’m not sure what else to try.

Thank you for your help so far.