TV shows not displaying local subfolder (season) poster

Searched a few different ways snd tried some of the suggestions, but nothing I’ve done seems to work. I have a TV series that I’d like to use custom artwork/poster for each season. I’ve placed the image in the season folder and tried folder.png/jpg, Folder.png/jpg Season 1.png/jpg and Infuse still won’t pick up the image. It continually chooses to display the “default” image it gets from tvdb.

While stating the above, if I put a Folder.PNG for the series it WILL pick up that image for the poster of the entire series, just not individual seasons. I’ve also tried clearing out metadata multiple times without success.

I’m guessing I’m missing something for sub folders, for the life of me I’m not sure what it is. Thanks I’m advance for any help you can give me.

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For custom season artwork try"season 1-poster.jpg" placed in the series folder, not in the season folder.

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Use the “-“? I’ve done the Season 1.png/jpg in the “parent” (where folders for season are) as well and Infuse didn’t pick it up.

I did and it worked. I just copied and pasted the name right out of the users guide and it works fine for me.

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Don’t forget to do an edit metadata for the season and reselect the correct series. That will cause an artwork refresh.

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Thanks for the update, I’ll try it out again. Yes, I always do the “edit” and reselect series to refresh things.


Just tried it and it did not work. Current layout is as follows:
Folder:Series Name
Season 1-poster.jpg
Folder:Season 1

There are multiple seasons under the “Series Name” folder. It’s picking up the series and related artwork OK, just not the local poster image for each season. If I do a Folder.jpg in the “Series Name” folder it puts the custom poster for the entire series however.

Which version of Infuse are you using?

Are you browsing via folders or via the library?

Are you seeing a difference based on the method you use to browse?

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Hi James thank you for the reply. Version is 7.0.6 (3711). This is browsing via folder path or via the library view (have also tried modern vs classic). No difference in artwork it shows what is grabbed via the tvdb “default” pull.

Just as an update. With the newest version of Infuse this seems to be resolved.

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