TV shows, NFOs, Metadata

Apple TV (black), atv flash ver. 1.1.1, Seas0nPass Jailbreak 4.4.4.


I’ve scraped al my media files with a program called ViMediaManager. So I got posters, fanart, plots and a *.nfo-File. I’m using an iMac. Will there be a Version of Media Player that will be able to read (“and unterstand”) NFO files and use my scraped fanarts? (posters are set quite perfectly after I’ve read the section “Metadata and Cover Art”.

The second question I want to ask is: I’m getting quite angry about the automatic metadata fetching for TV shows. I tried every way to edit the file name of the “Dr. House” (ist the name of Houe M.D. in germany), even the american way but it will always be edited to “Dr. Terrible’s House” (there is no list to choose!). When I try to mark the file in MP and “reload Metadata” I won’t have the possibility to change it to “Dr. House” or even “House MD”, MP automaticly changes to the “terrible” Dr. Terrible’s House!! Is there a way to manually edit XML-files? How schould they look like?

And the last question: How schould I name DVD (VIDEO_TS) folders for TV shows, if there are more than one episodes in it?! The automatic fetching just gets the metadata for the first episode.


Thanks for help!



1st question I am very curious about

For the first question: I was hoping that I don’t need to write all xml files by myself because the information in the nfo files is nearly the same like in the xml files. The other aspect is that MP does not show the fanart I want, but this will be fixed soon.


I have the same question as you. I have used ViMediaManager for all my tv shows and movies, and I was hoping to find out if MP can read and use .nfo files, posters,fan art,season posters,banners…

I also don’t want to rename every .nfo file to .xml. I have a lot of .nfo files!

Unfortunately NFO files are not currently supported, but it’s something we’re planning to add in a future version.

Regarding the incorrect metadata, have you tried correcting metadata as described here?

Thank you for your reply!

Good news about the nfo files :slight_smile:

Some of my movies and a couple of my tv shows will not show the correcting metadata menu at all. It looks like it thinks for a second and then nothing happens. Seems like it automatically finds the show (the wrong show) without giving me any options. Is it possible that MP is so convinced it’s the right one that it doesn’t bother with showing me the options for metadata. :wink:

One thing I noticed when correcting metadata for tv shows. I can’t get the meta menu when I choose a tv show. Only when I choose an episode. Seems a little strange. If you want to change a show that is the wrong one you should be able to change the show and all it’s seasons at once?

And why does it say season 0 instead of Specials?

Thanks again…


Is there a particular show or filename you’re having trouble with?

I’m on my ipad without access to my atv, but I remember one tv series that I could not get the meta options to show and that was “The A-Team”. It showed as “The Team -…something…”

The folder is named The A-Team: season 01: The A-Team.S01E01 - episode name.avi

Just wanted to do a follow-up on incorrect metadata for this specific TV Series (House MD). Do we have any updated Information?