TV Shows: More option for the use of cover, banner logo fanart

Hi Firecore,

Using Infuse on aTV, I’d like to see more options for the use of fanart, cover, banner and logo art.

For Example in the TV Show selection, it would be nice to have the option to list the available shows using TV Show Banner Art ( 2 colums) instead of just Cover Art.

When in the Season Overview, showing the TV Shows Logo on top would be awesome.

The use of multiple Background Art that fades from one to another in the Episode Selection would be a killer (same in Movie Details :slight_smile:

And my All Time favorite Requests:

  • Allow to configure the Blur Factor for Background Art
  • Give us a “No Spoiler Option” that hides Plot and blurs Episode image for unseen Episodes

@James At least you promised me to look into the spoiler suggestion while Beta testing the Plex connection. Now we are short to have Version 6 and still don’t see any progress on No Spoiler…

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yeah, with V7 we got 2 out of five. three to go.