TV shows missing which have been added to a custom collection

Trying this new feature turned out to be a headache. I tried to do one with tv shows to see how it works.
First thing all tv shows didn’t give me the option to add them. So I went to the first season of the ones that had no option and I was given the option to add each season.
For my example there were two tv shows, Rawhide and The Rifleman. Rawhide I did the long press and chose collections, worked. Rifleman on the long press only gave me the option to use local metadata.
I went to my favourites where they are stored and noticed that Rawhide shows 8 Seasons beneath the name. Rifleman only shows name. I choose the name and all 5 seasons are there with all the proper metadata. I assume this is what is causing my issue.Solution?
This is on appletv 4K.

It sounds like you may be browsing directly via folder when trying to add these.

If you want to add an entire series, can you try browsing through the Library instead? This should work at both the series and season level.

I went to the TV Shows section (which I rarely use, is why I didn’t think of it) and was able to make a collection. I created a new collection called TV Westerns and started adding each series into it. Worked great for that, now my new collection shows up under Collections.
But doing this I discovered that as I added the TV series to the collection, they disappeared from the screen. When I was done there were no western series listed in the TV Shows, but instead the TV Western collection appeared here as well.
In doing this I now realize all my tv western series were not showing up under the infuse tv show area. They don’t show up in the Other folder to indicate infuse had issues identifying them. Now I have to make a list of all tv shows in my favourites to determine which ones are not showing under the tv show area.
Until I tried to create a collection, I didn’t know this was happening so I can’t say this last update caused this.

Update on above, the missing tv shows are there. For some reason when taken out of the collections, they didn’t appear back right away. They now show.
So my question is why are they disappearing when added to a collection?

Can you navigate to Settings > Collections and check what ‘Group TV Shows Into Collections’ is set to?

With this on, you’ll see the main collection item while browsing the TV shows section instead of individual shows.

If you turn this off, you can view the individual shows while browsing and your collections will still be listed in Collections.

Thanks, that worked.

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