TV shows missing metadata and season information

I have two TV shows that are not recognized as such. In the first screenshot at point 1, it can be seen that no images can be assigned. At point 2, you can see the title, but no number of seasons, as with the other TV shows. Additionally, you can see my folder structure in the other screenshot.

Try naming the files “Farzi 2023 S01E01.mkv” leaving out the Die Geldfalscher. or putting it after the S01E01 in the file name.

Also name the folder “Farzi 2023” and eliminating the “Die Geldfalscher”.

In regards to the second one, it looks like you have Dragon Ball as the title and I think it should be “Dragon Ball Z”

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The problem with Farzi has been solved, thank you very much.
In Dragon Ball, that’s the correct name, it’s not Dragon Ball Z, see screenshot.
I have found the error myself in Dragon Ball. I forgot to add a space in between the words when naming the episodes.
Before: Dragonball-S01E01
After: Dragon Ball-S01E01

Thank you for your help


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