Tv shows metadata while using Links


i’m using links as main source for my Library. I find a link of movie or tv show and add it.
My problem is that filename of added show is often not correct, just some random generated characters. In this case, I often cannot find correct metadata using Edit metadata functionality.

E.g. i find link for Hawkeye S01E01 that looks something like this http://…/hwkyeystrlchvzdaavngrsmrvlggiuhkjvhjguilknjbvjh01014k

File name of added show is this hwkyeystrlchvzdaavngrsmrvlggiuhkjvhjguilknjbvjh01014k. Edit metadata cannot find the right tv show, but it always works with movies. Is there any special search query format i should use, to tell infuse that i’m searching tv show? Or can i change file name of added link?

Can anyone help? Thanks

Edit 1: I also tried to find the right show like Hawkeye 2021, Hawkeye S01E01 or by the name of first episode

They won’t care about this. This use case is unsupported. You have to rename the fires for Infuse or manually search for it one by one.

If I understand it correctly, this is exactly what I want. manually search for it one by one.
But Search metadata feature doesn’t include Tv shows for me.

It does.

For this to work, you have to have S01E01 in your file name somewhere. You can have jumbled up formatting for names and everything else, as long as they are consistent through out the season, but you have to have the season and episode code. Otherwise it won’t match.

Infuse doesn’t work when you have translations of a title added to the name, but if you correct for one of them, it will infer the others. For example, 黑镜.black.mirror.S01E01.something.mkv, won’t work, but if you correct one episode, it will correct for everything else that have the same formatting.

To further clarify, for single season shows and mini series that are not commonly denoted with seasons, you would have to artificially add an S01 to the filename. This is an limitation of TMDB data source, and Infuse is not smart enough to infer and handle that gracefully.

Thanks for support, marking your post as solution.
As long as it’s not possible to me to change file names, i cannot have Tv shows with correct metadata in Infuse.

That’s correct.

If you need to keep the original files intact because you cannot change the hash, there is no way you can make Infuse fetch the correct metadata. You would need to use Jellyfin or Plex as the backend to manage the metadata.

I have this problem too. For me, I sometimes decide to break the hash and just leave a note on how to change it back, or make a copy then change the filename. There will be a psychological breaking point that I will finally say, screw it, I’m gonna completely restructure my library and software architecture.

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