"TV Shows" library posters load slowly

The “TV Shows” library posters always load very slow. It’s as if they need to be retrieved from a remote location every time. The “Movies” library, however, loads posters quickly, and most of the time there’s no loading at all; the posters are just present and visible. I think there might be an issue.

Same here. And the covers will not automatically load complete. When I wait a minute and scroll down, then there are no covers visible and they start loading slowly.

No problems with movies, all covers appear immediately.

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What type of device are you streaming from?

Are you browsing via the Library or just regular folders?

I’m streaming from Google Drive, and browsing via a library, not folder view. It’s worth noting that these identical conditions exist for browsing the “Movies” library (not folder view), but the posters load almost instantaneously.

I got the same problem.
This problem occurs EVERYTIME when I open my TV Shows. Please tell my how to proceed…

Yeah I am seeing this too with my iPad Pro and iPhone 8 plus. Movies load fine, tv shows take probably 60 seconds.

I’ve had this from my local NAS since day 1

Same for me in Google drive and Synology Nas.

Same here from my QNAP NAS, movies no problem ever but TV shows take ages to load if the app has been in the background for more than a few minutes. I don’t use the library view I have some favorite folders of unwatched content and it’s these that take about 10 or 15 seconds to load even if none of the content changed since the last time you looked there.

The latest update to Infuse, 5.7.1, has increased the load time to posters in the “TV Shows” library. This is nicer, but ultimately it’s still slow when scrolling through the library, trying to find something–especially in comparison to the posters for the “Movies” library. I can’t just scroll and see where I am, because there are never any posters available until I stop scrolling and wait for the visible viewport of posters to load. If I close Infuse and re-open it, then navigate to the “Movies” library, by comparison, I can scroll from top to bottom and every single poster is already there–it very obviously doesn’t need to load them. With the “TV Shows” library, though, it just always needs to fetch them, and you see the slow process of that operation. How come posters for “TV Shows” always appear to need to be fetched over the Internet every single time the library is opened, while the posters for the “Movies” library are just present? Even if the posters themselves don’t need to open a network connection and draw exclusively from the cache, why is it so obviously, visibly slow? Does it correlate to the number of items in the library? If it does, then it would make sense that 2500 items (movies, for example) load faster than 25000 (TV show episodes, for example).

I’ve decided to upload a video of this issue to https://firecore.com/upload

The filename is 20190222-infuse-posters-libraries-slow-loading.mov.

I’ve seen others discuss it, and one user who has submitted public videos, which they needed to slow down to be able to demonstrate the slow loading. In my case, I don’t need to slow down anything. It’s obviously slow: you actually have to sit there and wait several seconds for an entire viewport of posters to load. This is all real time.

I navigated to a few places in Infuse, so feel free to reference (internally) this video for other slow behaviors, but my current purpose is to highlight this poster issue. I can provide other videos for other behaviors, if requested.