"TV Shows" library does not load or loads very slow

The “TV Shows” library no longer loads for me on iOS. It used to load prior to the last update. It behaves as though it was just a basic favourite folder instead of an actual indexed library. I mention this because folders have never really loaded for me, and I assume it’s just because of the number of items in folders vs an optimized library that is indexed. I was going to say the “Movies” library loads fine, but upon testing this just now, the loading spinner has been going for a few minutes. They’re both behaving like unoptimized folders, which are slow for anyone (and is probably the reason libraries were introduced), but now my libraries just don’t load at all on iOS.

As I was about to post this, the “Movies” library finally loaded. It took about five minutes of spinning. Upon leaving the “Movies” library and returning, it now takes about 15 seconds to load, which is good. I haven’t had any luck (patience?) yet with the “TV Shows” library, though.

If the Infuse team needs more technical or debuggable information regarding the libraries, I can send this information in a message.


The “TV Shows” library loaded on iOS after about eight minutes. I’ve left it and have now returned, but unfortunately it has not loaded as quickly as the second time I opened the “Moves” library. It’s been about four minutes now, and it has not loaded yet for this second attempt. There’s definitely an issue of scale here.

Could you open a support ticket by sending in a note from your device so we can look into this?

Alright, I’ve sent an email from inside the app.

I realize I started a thread last month about how the “TV Shows” library posters on tvOS loads slowly ("TV Shows" library posters load slowly). Could this be related? While on iOS the library itself just takes ages to load (and is effectively unusable because of the time it takes), on tvOS it’s just the loading of the posters that are slow. In either case, these performance problems are isolated to “TV Shows” across both clients, while “Movies” and “Other” are unaffected.

I just upgraded to 5.7.1 and am faced with the same problem. Prior to the update, the TV Shows library loaded fine enough, but now it takes several minutes; essentially, it’s too long to bother waiting. I had only recently again pointed Infuse on iOS to my media collection, after several months of not using it on iOS, as I didn’t want to get banned again (Google Drive), and the improvements regarded fetching were appealing enough to try again. It’s been about two weeks and it was working fine on 5.7.0. Updating, like last time, has resulted in the very long load times.

Maybe it’s something related to the update process itself? I don’t know what, but this has happened twice now–where an update to Infuse has rendered an existing and indexed TV Shows library very slow to load. It doesn’t even just take long the first time; it’s just long every time I exit the screen and come back it.

Are you browsing through the Library, or though a Google Drive folder?

I’m browsing through the Library, specifically the TV Shows library that Infuse creates. I’m not trying to load a favourite folder, or any folder in general. It’s definitely the Library. I understand the distinction, and that it’s much faster than a folder.

This is still an issue, even on the latest version. It seems anytime I update the version, the library just takes too long to reasonably wait for it–usually taking about five minutes or more anytime I want to open the library. To correct this, I need to uninstall Infuse, run a full reindex (get banned twice from Google Drive for a total of two days), and then I can load the TV Shows library in a reasonable time. In other words, it’s effectively broken, as I can’t keep running reindexes and getting banned whenever a new version comes out. I just don’t use Infuse on my phone, which is disappointing, because if my TV Shows library could load, I would watch stuff on it.

For reference, I just installed 5.9 and let Infuse index my TV Shows content, and while that was a great success, actually loading the indexed library is still very slow. It takes longer than a minute (my phone screen turns off after 1 minute of inactivity), which is way longer than it should take. As mentioned, I’ve never had this problem for the indexed Movies library.

This has been one of the top reasons I don’t use Infuse on iOS. It may not seem like much, but when you just want to browse to something and watch something, seeing that endless spinner is a huge deterrent.

Since the 6.2.1 from the other day, the TV Shows library loads significantly faster. This is a fantastically apparent improvement. It literally used to take minutes or never load on iOS, and now it takes about ten seconds. Thanks a tonne! This is no longer a problem.

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