TV Shows in TMDB but missing in Infuse Pro


I have Infuse Pro 7.4.8 (4299) installed in an Apple TV 4K (A2169), but I have problems with a couple of TVs shows that the infuse doesn’t recognise, but both are in TMDB:

This England (2022)

Blue Moon (2016)

Please could you let me know how infuse can detect both tv shows?


Can you provide an example of how you have these files named?

A list of the recommended naming styles for TV series can be found here.

sure :wink:, but I think is not a problem in the files named:

Here for Blue Moon:


It doesn’t look like that is one of the naming styles supported in Infuse. For TV shows you will want to include both the season and episode numbers together.

Blue Moon S01 E01.mkv

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and here I have tried to Edit the data, but I don’t find the TV show with the search tool:

I have changed the names of the files using your criterion, but don’t work.

Can you show an example of how you’ve changed the file name?

and as you can see in my previous message the search tool doesn’t find a result when I tried to edit the metadata.

You have your Season and Episode reversed. It should be “This England S01E01 WEB DL 1080p Dual DDP5.1 with Subs.mkv”


Solved!!! many thanks

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