TV Shows | Grey Folder Icon problem

I’m having a problem that began once upgrading to Infuse v6.4.

I prefer not to use the Library mode for TV Shows as I have them categorised in different ways, and I’m not a fan of having to keep manually adding TV Shows to playlists when I’ve dropped them into my folder structure already.

Since Infuse went to v6 for some reason they blocked end users from being able to have custom folder art on TV Shows, but it works fine if you have the Library feature active on your TV Show folder, but then not use it.

I have favourties to different types of shows on my home page. When I go into them I see the folder art appear, but when I scroll down I’m met with grey folder icons (with a file icon on them). If I scroll back up all of the TV Shows artwork then has been replaced with the same grey folder icons.

I’ve tried:

  • Deleting all metadata and starting again.
  • Turning of icloud sync.
  • Completely delete Infuse, re-install and starting again.
  • Restarting the aTV (4th Gen).

None of these things have worked.

Please help.

FYI - v6.3.6 worked perfectly fine.

This thread will probably explain your problems.

It sounds like a cure is close. :slight_smile:

Excellent, thank you.

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