Tv Shows episodes not seen

hello !

question : when i enter in the tv shows’s folder i see the episodes seen and not seen. They are marked
when i’m at the place where are all my shows, i can’t see which tv shows contain episodes not seen, as we can do in Plex

i hope to have been clear, sorry for my english !!

thanks !

any help ?

Can you try browsing via the Library item?

Browsing this way will allow you to see watched/unwatched status for all levels (episodes, seasons, and series).

thanx james for the reply
if i add a favorite related to my tv shows it doesnt work
is i go through Library / TV Shows / all TV Shows (as you say) it Works !



The Library will be the best option for browsing Movies and TV Shows. You can even have Library favorites displayed right on the home screen, which should replace the need to browse via folders altogether.

More info here.