TV Shows - Display the show/series name instead of season number when only 1 season available?

I’m not sure if this has been solved already, but I’ve found others who’ve asked a similar question before (Label on TV shows with only one season) but have gone unanswered.

Infuse 5.6.9 will insist on displaying the thumbnail of a show and label it “Season 1”, regardless of how the media is organized. For example:

    Name_of_show S01E01 episode_name.mp4 
    Name_of_show S01E02 episode_name.mp4 
    Name_of_show S01E03 episode_name.mp4 

When this is matched to an entry in TheTVDB, the folder view of the share containing this media will show a thumbnail (cover-art) with its label always as “Season 1”.

Is there a way to override this behavior and force the name of the show to appear instead? It gets a tad annoying because one would have to read the name of the show from the cover-art assuming it’s even present/legible.

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One thing you can try that may help is to browse your TV shows through the Library. This will allow you to ensure you see a list of series names before jumping in to look for a specific season.

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