TV Shows Cover folders isn't showing


A few updates back (maybe 5-6 versions ago) I did Clear All Metadata to re-download them again. I guess that was not okay because now some of the TV Shows Cover does not show (Example)

By the way that does not apply when I add new shows it shows the cover without any problem

What can I do to fix this?

What is the version number of Infuse are you running now?

Can you provide a screen cap of some of the series in question showing the files and the folders their in?

Version 7.1.3 (7.1.3830) on (iOS, iPadOS, macOS and Apple TV 4K)

You can see the screen cap on my original post, as for the file naming all of them I followed the guide on Metadata 101 post with seasons on separate folder for every show.

as you can see some of the old shows and all the new shows I add have covers but some of them do not, they did before I cleared the metadata in general

(Example 2)

The reason I asked to see how you had the files named and the folders that contain them are named is that from looking at your two examples it appears that all of the show with years in the name are not showing the artwork and the ones with artwork do not have the year.

Seeing how you have the files named and the folders named may help.

I always add the year to the name of the show to avoid any problem and it works

(Example 3)

And the file names?

Chuck - S01E01 - Chuck Versus the Intersect …etc

Why not " Chuck 2007 - S01E01 - Chuck Versus the Intersect …etc"?

Could you try an experiment and remove the 2007 from the Chuck show folder and do an edit metadata and see if it helps?

Here’s what I get with files and folder named like yours.

Here’s what I get when I remove the year from the series folder

And finally, what you get when both the series folder AND the files have the year in the file name.

So it seems you should name the series folder the same as the files, either include the year in both or neither.

Adding the the Year to the Episodes file name made it work correctly, Thank You

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