TV shows belonging to a collection should be hidden in Library > TV Shows

I have just created my first custom collection of TV shows. I am trying to handle a case where a TV series has a true sequel series, but with a different name. For example:

  • Yes Minister (1980) ran for three series in 1980, 81 and 82 and was followed by Yes, Prime Minister (1986) which ran for two series in 1986 and 87.
  • Back in Time for Dinner (2018) was followed by Further Back in Time for Dinner (2020).

So I created a custom collection and added two TV shows to it, Back in Time for Dinner (2018) and Further Back in Time for Dinner (2020). I then switched on “Group TV shows into collections”, because previously that option was switched off.

Now, when I look at Library > TV Shows (on either Apple TV or Mac), I see the new collection with a very nice automatically-generated montage cover, but I continue to see the individual TV shows as well (see attached screen shot). That’s not what I want. I want the individual TV shows to be hidden at the top level, and only accessible when you open the collection. I want it to work the same way it works for Movies, for example the James Bond Collection, so the movie GoldenEye is not shown in Library > Movies, to reach it I have to open the collection Library > Movies > James Bond Collection.

Is there a setting somewhere which will hide the individual TV shows? Is it behaving this way because the TV shows existed individually before the collection was created? Is it a bug relating to the fact that when I created the collection, the setting “Group TV shows into collections” was switched off? Or is this behaviour by design?

With the ‘Group TV Shows Into Collections’ option enabled you shouldn’t be seeing the individual items if they are included in a collection.

Normally you would see something like this.

However, if you’re browsing something other than ‘All TV Shows’ then you may see individual items.

Also, if Infuse is running library updates it could temporarily show results like you are seeing. Can you try running ‘Scan for Changes’ in Infuse > Settings > Library to see if that helps. You can also try restarting the app, just for fun.

Hi James.

I’m pleased to know that it’s supposed to work the way I want it to. Unfortunately, Scan for Changes doesn’t help, and it’s now a day later so I don’t think it’s an issue with library updates. It also behaves the same on my Mac, my iPhone and my Apple TV, so my intuition tells me that there is a bug somewhere.

I am curious as to why, in my app, the title of this screen is “TV Shows” whereas in the screenshot you posted the title is “All TV Shows”. I edited my home screen to remove this section and then add “All TV Shows” back in again, but after adding it back the title is still “TV Shows”. I note that you can edit the screen title, so I tried editing the title to “All TV Shows” but that didn’t help hide the individual TV shows which are members of the collection. I also note that after removing the section again and adding it back in, the title reverts to “TV Shows”. Not sure why your app is showing “All TV Shows”, unless you’ve edited the title, or is it a difference between Infuse and Infuse Pro, perhaps? Anyway, I’m only mentioning this in case it could be triggering the bug, however unlikely that seems.

I also wondered whether the collection in your Screenshot, the 9-1-1 collection, is a custom collection or one which coming from the online database at … but as I can’t find any such collection on, I assume that it must be a custom collection?

So what’s our next step in trying to understand what’s going on here? I have opened ticket 151679 which I believe includes some diagnostic data you can use?

(My phone is running version 7.5.1 of Infuse, whereas my Mac currently has 7.5 installed)

At the top of your screen, go back to home and then at the bottom of the screen where you see the magnifying glass tap that and then you’re in the library. There you can tap “All TV shows” and you’ll get the desired results.

Thanks for the info.

One thing to note it’s possible to add both a series and/or a single season to a Collection. If you add a season (even if it’s the only season) then the entire series is not considered added and will still appear in that view.

Can you try this.

  1. Remove all items from the collection
  2. Long-press on the series poster (shown in the TV Shows view you are in) and add those to a collection

@NC_Bullseye thanks for the tip, so that gets me into a screen entitled “All TV Shows”, but the contents are the same … I am still seeing the individual shows as well as the collection.

@james Yes! You nailed it! That is exactly what had happened … I had added the season to the collection instead of the show. It all makes sense now. Thanks again for your timely and useful assistance.

So now that we’ve figured out what happened, how can we prevent others being tripped up by this? Perhaps when adding a season to a collection, ask the user a question: “do you want to add just this season to the collection, or the entire show?”. Or perhaps have a collection details/advanced screen where we can see exactly what a collection contains, where the distinction between a season and a show is more obvious?