TV shows automatically download

By James:  Are you referring to season cover art? If so, then yes. :)

For example, after selecting 'Fringe' from the TV Shows section ( you will be presented with the available seasons (    All the organization and downloading of cover art you see here is being done automatically.


Still trying to figure out the TV Show cover art that downloads automatically.  I went to my shares and changed my tv shows folder to (content type) tv shows and removed my image I had there before to make the cover art show in my share.  I then went back to the tv show cover where the image is gone now (folder.jpg) as I removed my folder image.  Cover art still does not show up for TV Shows? 

It sounds like you may be using the original folder based browsing, is this right?

TV show series/season cover art downloading is only available when using the new Library option.

Will this ever change?

I would rather not use the libary feature as I have WAY too many movies and TV shows to display on the screen…

I split them up and drop them into folders A -> Z…

So the library function (while great for some) is not as appealing for me…

Would love it if the TV show covers download as the movie ones do :)

If you are using folder based browsing then your best bet is to manually download the appropriate cover art (from and then save it in the appropriate folder with the name folder.jpg. Takes a bit of effort, especially if you do the season art as well, but well worth the effort in the end.

I agree with you that the new library facility doesn’t work so well with large collections … It needs greater sub-division of films/TV series in the various categories.

For example, for films by date needs to be by year and not just by decade, films/TV shows by name need to be split by letter, etc.

Remotevisitor: That is how I had it with the folder.jpg just was thinking more of how mikeh.1816 was saying.  I thought it would do just like the movies did not knowing I had to use the library to make the tv shows work.   I agree that it needs to be like the movies to where you have a choice to use the library or just add your favorites like I have the movies.  Like right now I have my tv shows at the top with my folder.jpg and it added as my favorite so ALL my covers show correctly with my jpg.  I just tried the NEW library (since now I know that’s how to show the covers automatically) and left all my folder.jpg in there.  I have seen that it ONLY pulls from and if does not have your cover art It wont load anything it is just a blink folder.   All the other ones showed but it would not load my folder.jpg that it couldn’t pull automatically as there was no cover on



Do you know when we will have the ability to display season specific cover art in the main menu?   If I’m doing something wrong with the new library and you ARE able to load your own jpg please let me know.  Thanks