TV Shows as Favorite w/ List View - Posters?

When viewing my TV Shows in the “List View” via the icon on my Home Screen just gives me a vertical listing of each show in it’s own folder. (i.e. American Gods, Band of Brothers, Better Call Saul, etc.). Is there a way to get it to at least show the poster on the left side of the screen? Even with list view turned off, my TV Shows with more than one season lack poster art. Just a poster sized icon with a folder on it. Any solution?

NOTE: They appear beautifully when viewed via the “Library.” I don’t want that though. That mixes all of my 4K movies, non-4K movies and concerts all together.


My TV Shows category, when browsed as a “Favorite”, should look as beautiful as it does via the “Library.”

Have you thought about creating a Favorite for the All TV Shows category?

This would allow you to jump right in to a list of TV shows from the home screen, and should present artwork/descriptions at all levels.

More info on customizing the Library can be found here.

The All TV Shows category only exists if I connect to Plex, not when connected directly to my Google Drive.

I’m actually referring to the All TV Shows item in Infuse’s Library. I believe Plex has its own category for this if you’re using that, but Infuse’s Library will be available even without Plex.

Well, I could do that. I want basic, common sense categories on my home screen though. (i.e. Movies, TV Shows, etc.) I would prefer to have those icons because, IMHO, it just looks better. (also because the Library lumps my movies and concerts together)

Side Note: One thing I do like is that the Library puts my 4K and non-4K version for the same film into a collection together. They are in separate locations on my Google Drive and I don’t know whether or not the same thing would happen via a “Favorite” if they were in the same location together.

Yes, you can actually give whatever name you want to your favorites.

You can also create favorites from genre categories, so you could have one specific to your music videos.

The attached screenshot shows one potential option for using Library favorites.

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