TV shows are not recognized using local metadata

Hello everyone!

I organize my movies and TV shows using tinyMediaManager on an NFS share with the following folder structure:


  • Videos
    • Movies
      • Anime
      • English
      • Deutsch
      • Subtitled
    • TV
      • Anime
      • English
      • Deutsch
      • Subtitled

I added the folders /Videos/Movies and /Videos/TV to Infuse 7 on macOS and Apple TV.

I use local metadata, because I already organize my movies and TV shows using tinyMediaManager and I don’t want that overruled.


The movies are recognized without any problems, but none of the TV shows are recognized as TV shows. Instead they the episodes are shown as other (in the German UI names ‘Andere’)

A TV show naming example:

/Video/TV/English/Grey’s Anatomy (2005)/tvshow.nfo
/Video/TV/English/Grey’s Anatomy (2005)/Season 8/Grey’s Anatomy - S08E03.avi
/Video/TV/English/Grey’s Anatomy (2005)/Season 8/Grey’s Anatomy - S08E03.jpg
/Video/TV/English/Grey’s Anatomy (2005)/Season 8/Grey’s Anatomy - S08E03.nfo

I followed the naming instructions to the best of my knowledge, what am I missing?

That looks pretty good to me; though I’d suggest trying to include the series date in the tv episode filenames as well, and see if that makes a difference.

         Grey’s Anatomy (2005)
              Season 8
                 Grey’s Anatomy (2005) - S08E03.avi
                 Grey’s Anatomy (2005) - S08E03.jpg
                 Grey’s Anatomy (2005) - S08E03.nfo

FYI, I don’t believe “tvshow.nfo” are recognized by Infuse, though episode .nfo (Grey’s Anatomy (2005) - S08E03.nfo) are.

To clarify this point:

If local images and/or local .nfo exist, Infuse will display the local images (in place of the ones it otherwise would gather from TMDB) and display the local metadata (in place of metadata it would otherwise gather from TMDB).

So one need not turn off “metadata fetching” (and I would advise you not to) or “online metadata” — as Infuse only has limited support for local .nfo and some elements of metadata can only be downloaded from TMDB (including television genres and movie collections).

Supported tags are those included in this sample movie.nfo here.

Tags not yet supported include the <uniqueid type="[tmdb,tvdb,imdb]">, <sorttitle>, <collection>, and <showlink> tags (for both movies and tv) and the <genre> tag (for television tiles).

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Thank you for the fast and detailed reply!

I tried switching from “Metadata: local” to “Metadata: online” and this seems to work. I didn’t expect Infuse to have a limited support for TV show .nfos. Thanks for that hint!

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Cool! Glad to help.

It’s kind of odd, but Infuse definitely handles Movie and TV items differently.

As part of that, it seems a television series must first be recognized by Infuse as (a tv series indexed at TMDB) before Infuse will read the local episode .nfo files and import their metadata.

This explains why users can’t create tv series from scratch (for example, from their home movies) using just .nfo files. The only way to create custom TV series is to first get the files recognized as something else; and then change the series and episode titles, plot summaries, and artwork via local metadata. One can’t skip first having their content imported as something that previously, permissibly exists in TMDB’s database.

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