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Hello, please I really dont understand why are you using for tv show metadata. There is a beautyfull site - this is used for movies metadata, right? - this is horrible website, I can edit nothing, please, look on my tv show with apple tv, infuse 5. (I use czech metadata)

Tv show Friends: season 8 has bad image cover and Im not able to change it…

Tv show the Simpsons: only season 27 and 28 is correct. And there is no way to change other pictures

I changed all metadata on and it was easy, user friendly but you are using thetvdb (very stupid site)

Is there way to change It? - Using only for the tv show and the movies metadata database?

Thank you, Stefan

Earlier this year we started discussing an option to gather metadata and artwork from both places (Switching TV Show Metadata Providers - Thoughts? (Updated Feb 9, 2021)), and this is something we’ll likely move towards in the coming months.

Right now TheTVDb has more coverage and translations for much non-US content and anime, which we wouldn’t want to lose.

Also, TheTVDb will soon be launching a new site which is much improved, and you can check it out here.

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