tv show sorting

Hi, i have this folderstructure: Monk/Season 1/Monk_S01E01
I have metadata turned off (embedded metadata is turned of as well). Sorting option is sort by filename and option show filename is turned on. But it still sorts on title… even the filename that is shows is the title and not the actual filename… see pictures in attachment.

What to do…

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It looks like the WD device may actually be modifying the filenames it presents to Infuse.

Are you connecting to your WD device using UPnP or DLNA by chance? If so, you may try connecting via SMB instead which should allow you to access the files directly, and avoid any renaming issues.

Indeed, i was using DLNA. Connecting via SMB did the trick! Thanks!
Seems that when the ’sort by’ metadata is filled in, the WD device gives that name and not the actual filename…